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Trlit_CG Times font

The Deir el-Medina Database uses a special font to represent Egyptian transliteration characters. This font, called "Trlit_CG Times" is needed to properly show transliteration characters and their diacritics in your web-browser. Transliteration characters are only available with the Deir el-Medina Database if this font is installed on your computer.

If the following text "Wsr-xpr.w-Ra Mr.n-Imn anx wDA snb" does not show transliteration diacritics, you will need to download and install "Trlit_CG Times" on your computer.

To download the font, choose one of the following options:
"Trlit_CG Times" TrueType font for PC/Windows, MacOS and Linux click here to download

As per 2023 the transliteration font Trlit_CG Times has added a new character to its set of transliteration symbols. The new character is ï (i + diaeresis / Unicode: U+00EF). It can be rendered by pressing capital Y.

The change follows a decision made at the 13th International Congress of Egyptologists, which established a standardised transliteration of the Ancient Egyptian language. The Leiden Unified Transliteration/Transcription was accepted by the members of the International Association of Egyptologists as the new standard in the transliteration/transcription of the Ancient Egyptian language (see:

The new standard adheres as closely as possible to what most Egyptologists already use. The most notable change is the addition of the new character ï to represent the two oblique strokes usually rendered as "y" (Gardiner Z4).

The font is distributed under the name CGT_2023.TTF, but it is basically the same font that was distributed as CGT.TTF. In other words, older documents that used the former version will remain perfectly readable.

Before installing the new font, it is imperative to remove the former version of Trlit_CG Times. In Microsoft Windows this can be done by going to Settings > Personalisation > Fonts. Next, look for Trlit_CG Times and delete it. Failure to do so may cause serious problems when you try to install the new version in place of the old font.

To install the font on your computer, please refer to the font installation instructions in your system's help file.

The layout of the "Trlit_CG Times" font is as follows:

Some samples of its use:
Dd ir.n NN Hna NN m bAH NN Dd ir.n NN Hna NN m bAH NN
iw tA is.t aHa r sDm r=f iw tA is.t aHa r sDm r=f
xbs Sdy m pA wDA xbs Sdy m pA wDA


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