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Trlit_CG Times font

The Deir el-Medina Database uses a special font to represent Egyptian transliteration characters. This font, called "Trlit_CG Times" is needed to properly show transliteration characters and their diacritics in your web-browser. Transliteration characters are only available with the Deir el-Medina Database if this font is installed on your computer.

If the following text "Wsr-xpr.w-Ra Mr.n-Imn anx wDA snb" does not show transliteration diacritics, you will need to download and install "Trlit_CG Times" on your computer.

To download the font, choose one of the following options:
"Trlit_CG Times" font for PC/Windows click here to download
"Trlit_CG Times" TrueType font for Apple Mac OS (OS X) and Macintosh. click here to download (BinHex)

To install the font on your computer, please refer to the font installation instructions in your system's help file.

The layout of the "Trlit_CG Times" font is as follows:

Some samples of its use:
Dd ir.n NN Hna NN m bAH NN Dd ir.n NN Hna NN m bAH NN
iw tA is.t aHa r sDm r=f iw tA is.t aHa r sDm r=f
xbs Sdy m pA wDA xbs Sdy m pA wDA


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