Classification terms

absenceindication of absence of individual workmen mentioned by name, often with reason of absence

Egyptian terms e.g. aHa - m a NN/Hr.y=f - mr - n (neg.)

accountrecord (sometimes dated) of items and their amounts, with calculations of totals, deficits etc.; specifications; also applied when doubtful

Egyptian terms e.g ir n - idn - wp=st - wp.t=s - wDA.t - mn - r rdi.t rx - tp n - dmD

deficitdifference between amount due and amount delivered; calculated in the text and/or introduced by wDA.t (various types of phrase)

Egyptian terms e.g. wDA.w - wDA.t - (iw) mH

deliveryrecord of item(s)/amounts delivered, often with date and/or person responsible for delivery or receipt

Egyptian terms e.g. iw (mH ) - in NN - iny.t - wnmy/smHy - m a NN - m Dr.t NN - rdy.t (r pA 2r) - Ssp

depositionstatement by (an) individual person(s) mentioned by name

Egyptian terms e.g. (sDm/ Ssp) r n NN - Dd.n NN - Dd.t.n NN

disputeexplicit mention of a legal dispute between two parties

Egyptian terms e.g. Dd ir.n NN Hna NN m bAH NN

divisionrecord (usually a list) of the division of someone's property and its assignment to a number of persons; act of division may be introduced by date

Egyptian terms e.g. im.y.t-pr - pS ix.t n NN - rdi.t ix.t in NN - rdy.t NN

dutyworkmen's proper names recorded with calendar dates, representing the regular turnus (duty roster)

Egyptian terms e.g. (mostly none) - wrS

eventa special event referred to in a journal entry, here distinguished from types of information with a more or less regular pattern (such as deficits, deliveries, duties, portions); e.g. visits or inspections by high officials, court sessions, commissioning personnel.

Egyptian terms e.g. hrw pn - hrw n

expenseitems used for various purposes

Egyptian terms e.g. hAw

hiretemporary transfer of object or animal against payment

Egyptian terms e.g. iTA, nHm m di - swD - TAi, di.t/in r bAk.w=f

inventorylist of items kept in a certain place (house, tomb, treasury etc.)

Egyptian terms e.g. m di NN - nty m

journaltext in which the principal way of organizing information is by a series of calendar dates, usually in their correct order but not necessarily consecutive

Egyptian terms e.g. (m) hrw pn - hrw n

labourmention of work or inactivity in journals

Egyptian terms e.g. wsf - bAk

lettertext conveying a message between individuals, usually containing more or less elaborate epistolary formulae

Egyptian terms e.g. ix rx=k - m anx wDA snb (m Hs.w.t ...) - NN (Hr nD xr.t/swDA ib) n NN - nfr snb=k - r nty - hAb pw r rdi.t rx - Hna Dd - ky swDA ib - ky Dd

listlist of items, numbers, names, dates etc., or a combination of these, without calculations

Egyptian terms e.g. wHm - snn

memorandummemorandum with regard to a specific matter, explicitly announced as such

Egyptian terms e.g. sxA n/r

nameproper names of individuals, usually isolated (i.e. without syntactic relation to the context), as a type of information in itself; e.g. in lists, journals of absence or duties, name ostraca
notebrief text recording a specific or unique event; usually beginning with a date

Egyptian terms e.g. hrw pn - hrw n

oathspeech introduced by a specific oath formula

Egyptian terms e.g. anx n nb - aro - wAH Imn wAH pA HoA - m bAH Imn-Htp

oracleoracular decision, usually with typical formula, often describing the circumstances as well

Egyptian terms e.g. mi n=i - (pA) nTr - hAd (m) - smi n (names of god(desse)s)

paymentgiving something in exchange for items or services, usually with price stated

Egyptian terms e.g. mtnw(.t) - r DbA

portionindividual portions of food or other items, listed separately or summarized for a number of people

Egyptian terms e.g. wa nb

protocol(narrative) text recording the treatment of a legal case, often incorporating other texts such as accounts, depositions, oaths, oracles, usually introduced by date(s) and mentioning official

body investigating the case

Egyptian terms e.g. iny.t - m bAH NN - hrw pn - sip.t - (Dd) smi - onb.t

reportnarrative text recording one or more specific events, usually introduced by date(s), smi, and mentioning official body involved

Egyptian terms e.g. m bAH NN - smi

testimonyrecord testifying to a certain situation or action (e.g. measurement)

Egyptian terms e.g. m bAH NN - mtr.t

transferassigning or actually giving items by one individual to another (without explicit mention of hire, payment, sale etc.)

Egyptian terms e.g. nty n NN - rdy.t (n=f) - swD