P. Turin CGT 55002
Other nos.: P. Turin Cat. 2038
Description: Papyrus, 43 x 144 cm. Recto plan of royal tomb in red ink with hieratic captions in black varying between 1 and 3 lines (numbered from right to left A, B, B1, C, D, D1, E-L, L1, M-X, Z by Demichelis). Verso plan of royal tomb in red ink with captions in hieratic varying between 1 and 4 lines (numbered from right to left A-C, C1, C2, D, D1, E-I, L by Demichelis); surrounding the plan are hieratic texts numbered A (top right, 1 column of 2 lines), B (2 columns: col. I 10 lines on loose fragment placed to the right, col. II 11 lines beneath the plan), C (1 column of 6 lines to the left of text B and upside-down with respect to texts A and B), D (1 column of 3 lines to the left of the plan), and E (1 line to the left of the plan, beneath text D); see Remarks. Top recto = bottom verso. Damaged; gaps in all captions with exception of verso C2; only traces of caption recto U; no traces of (hypothetical) captions recto Aa and Ab. Beginnings of all lines of verso text B I and II and of C 2, 4-6 lost; ends of verso text A 1, of all lines of text B I, of B II 4 and 6 and C 1 lost. Gaps in verso text A 1, B II 1-6, C 1-5. Only traces of verso text E 2.
Classification: account - note : delivery(?)
Keywords: bread - cattle - commissioning - door - measuring - place - plaster - tomb (royal) - treasury
Provenance: Part of old Drovetti collection. Presumably acquired by the government of Piedmont for the Turin museum from Bernardino Drovetti in 1823 (see e.g. S. Curto, Storia del Museo Egizio di Torino , 2nd ed., Turin 1976, 45).
Publication: Demichelis, ZÄS 131 (2004), 114-133, pl. XIII-XVII (description, photographs, transcription, transliteration, translation, commentary)
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 7 IV Ax.t [...] (verso text C ~1#); rnp.t-sp 13 III Ax.t sw 28 (verso text E 1)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, year 7 Ramesses IV; year 13 Ramesses IX or year 13 Ramesses XI (Demichelis); see Remarks
Contents: Recto: plan of a royal tomb, which cannot be identitifed with any known tomb in the Valley of Kings. Captions mention the measurements and decoration of the individual rooms. Verso: plan of the tomb of Ramesses IV (cf. P. Turin Cat. 1885) with captions on measurements and decoration. Verso texts A-C are about work at the tomb, mentioning persons involved. Text D mentions numbers of cattle and loaves; text E (incomplete) records a delivery to the gang (i.e. "to us") made by a scribe.
Terminology: i.di n=n NN (verso text E 1); wnmy (verso text B II 7); pA snT n pA 2r aA Sps.y n nswt Ra-ms-sw [...] (verso text A ~1# - snT written snn ); m mi.t.t aoA (verso text B II 5, 7); m mi.t.t n aoA (recto captions B1, W, verso caption C2); m s.t tn (verso text D 3); nty im=f (recto captions P, Q); nty im=s (recto caption F, verso text B II 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10); nty im=s wnmy (verso text B II 4); nty im=s m smHy (verso text B II 8); sHn (verso text C 2); dmD bAk.w nb (verso text C 5)
Names/Titles: an. ( pA aA n is.t 2; verso text A 2); an. ( pA sS 2; verso text A 2); Pn-6A-wr.t sA Imn-nxt (verso text B I 1); MnTw-Hr-HA.t=f ( TAy-mDA.t ; verso text C 4 - written MnTw-HA.t=f ); nswt Ra-ms-sw [...] (verso text A 1); 9Hwty-ms ([...]; verso text C 4) Unclear: Pn-6A-wr.t ( sS ; verso text E 1 - or Pn-tA-Hw.t-nxt ( sS )?)
Remarks: Description: the numbers of texts A-E on verso are not indicated in Demichelis, ZÄS 131 (2004), pl. XVI, but cf. ibid ., pp. 128-132 . Dates attributed: see Demichelis, ZÄS 131 (2004), 130, note 151; 132, note 157 .

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