P. Turin Cat. 1972
Other nos.: LRL 04
Description: Papyrus sheet, 19 x 21 cm. Almost complete. Broken into several strips: a few horizontal strips are visible, the bottom strip measuring 12 mm, the top strip 20 mm in height. Recto V/H, verso H/V. Top recto = bottom verso. In black ink 14 lines of writing on the recto and 6 lines on the verso. There is no address. The left upper corner of the sheet is missing which causes loss of writing at the ends of lines 1-3. Probably palimpsest (the 7 lines washed off after the last line of the verso may belong to the old text).
Classification: letter
Keywords: army - arrival - beer - boat - bread - document - enemy - junior - message - oil
Provenance: Acquired by the Piedmont Government for the Turin museum in 1823 with the collection of B. Drovetti formed around 1818 in Thebes.
Publication: Černý, Late Ramesside Letters , VII-VIII (description), 7-8 (transcription); Janssen, Late Ramesside Letters and Communications , pl. 94 (photographs); Wente, Late Ramesside Letters , 24-27 (translation and commentary); Wente, Letters , 185-186 no. 308 (translation); Donadoni (ed.), Egyptian Civilization, Daily Life , 30, pl. 18 (colour photograph of recto).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Late dyn. 20 (Černý); year 10 of wHm ms.w.t of Ramesses XI (Wente)
Contents: A letter from the necropolis scribe 9Hwty-ms to his son Bw-th-Imn and 5d-m-dwA.t informing them that - after having been picked up at Edfu - he has just reached his superior the General at Elephantine who is treating him well and repeats his intention to go and attack PA-NHsy . 9Hwty-ms asks them to pray for his safe return and give attention to specific people and 'the soldiers'. In a separate note to several other named persons he also asks these people to pray for his safe return. At the end scribe Ony-3nmw adds a special note to Bw-th-Imn .
Terminology: NN n NN m anx wDA snb Hs.w.t (recto 1-2); NN n NN (verso 4); r Dd (verso 3); hAb Sa.t (verso 6); Hna Dd (verso 5); Hna Dd r nty (recto 4); ky Dd n NN (verso 1)
Names/Titles: an. (pA rmT ; verso 6); an. (pA ky xr ; verso 4); an. (pAy=i Hr.y ; recto 4, 13); an. (nA aDd.w n a rsy ; recto 11); an. (nA aDd.w Sri.w 1m.t-Sri.t 5d-m-dwA.t ; recto 10); an. (nA nTr.w n pA tA ; deities; recto 2); an. (nA nTr.w n tA 1w.t ; deities; verso 3); an. (nA rmT mSa ; recto 14); an. (f.; tAy Sri.t n 2nsw-ms ; recto 12); Abw (geo.; recto 8; dmi Abw ; recto 6); As.t (f.; verso 2); Imn (deity; verso 3, 5); Imn-pA-nfr (verso 4-5, 5); Imn-ns.t.y-tA.wy (pAy=i nb ; deity; recto 9); Imn-Ra-nswt-nTr.w (deity; recto 2); Imn-Htp (rmT-is.t ; verso ~1#); Ir.y-Mw.t (f.; verso 2); Ix-tAy (f.; verso 2); BAk-Imn (verso 2); Bw-th-Imn (sS ; recto 1; verso 4, 7); PA-by (verso 1); PA-NHs.y (recto 9); Pn-pA-wn-Hr (Hr.y-Sna ; verso 2-3); Pn-tA-wmt.t (verso 1-2); MnTw (deity; recto 8); 1m.t-Sri.t (f.; recto 10); 1r-n-Imn-pna-n=f (verso 1, ~7#); 2nsw-ms (recto 12); 4DaA (verso ~2#); 5d-m-dwA.t (f.; Sma.y.t n Imn ; recto ~1#, ~10# - without title); 5d-sw-Imn (verso 2); Ony-3nmw (sS ; verso 4); tA 1w.t (geo.; verso 3); 9bA (geo.; recto 6); 9Hwty-ms (sS n pA 2r ; recto 1)
Remarks: -

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