P. Turin Cat. 1979
Other nos.: LRL 27
Description: Papyrus sheet, 22 x 20(top)/16.5(bottom) cm. Damaged. Palimpsest. Recto V/H, verso H/V. Top recto = bottom verso. In black ink 10 lines on the recto and 7 lines (including address) on the verso in an unusually crude handwriting. Address at the bottom of the verso. Many holes as a result of folding have caused loss of writing in several places.
Classification: letter
Keywords: arrival - commissioning - document - house - message - sending out - sx.t
Provenance: Acquired by the Piedmont Government for the Turin museum in 1823 with the collection of B. Drovetti formed around 1818 in Thebes.
Publication: Černý, Late Ramesside Letters , XI and XV (description), 42-43 (transcription); Janssen, Late Ramesside Letters and Communications , pls. 100-101 (photographs); Wente, Late Ramesside Letters , 58-59 (translation and commentary); Wente, Letters , 177 no. 293 (translation).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Late dyn. 20 (Černý); early wHm ms.w.t of Ramesses XI (Wente)
Contents: A letter from the scribe of the treasury of the temple of Amon-Re PAy-nfr-nfr to the necropolis scribe 7ry (who is in Western Thebes), concerning a problem between his brother the prophet of Sobek and a certain Ks-sw .
Terminology: NN n NN m anx wDA snb Hs.w.t (recto ~1-2#); NN n NN (verso 7); r Dd (recto 7); hAb (verso ~2#); Hna Dd r nty (recto ~5#); Sa.t (recto 8)
Names/Titles: an. (nTr.w nb.w WAs.t ; deities; recto ~3#); an. (Hm-nTr 4bk ; recto 5, ~9#; verso 2); an. (sn ink ; verso ~2#); Imn-Ra-nswt-nTr.w (deity; recto ~2#, ~2#, 4 (pAy.i nb nfr )); PAy-nfr-nfr (sS pr-HD n pr Imn-Ra-nswt-nTr.w ; recto ~1#; verso 7 (sS pr-HD n pr Imn )); Mw.t (f.; deity; recto ~3#); 2nsw (deity; recto ~3#); Ks-sw (recto 7; called pAy rmT in recto ~9# and verso 4); 7ry (sS n pA 2r ; recto ~2#; verso 7)
Remarks: -

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